Supporting frontline

We understand what it’s like to work on the frontline. We care about people responsible for social risk and external affairs management. We listen to them, invest in them and have developed strategies and practical tools to support them.


Experience across all continents 

Audire consultants, research associates and counterparts at Acorn International have successfully led teams and worked on projects across the globe - from the Arctic to South America, Europe, the Former Soviet Union, Middle East and Asia.


Sharing a
wealth of experience

We share what we have learned from working on demanding projects. We help civil society organisations work with the corporate world - offering project management, funding and strategic advice to charities and other organisations.


Creative and clear-headed thinking 

We make sense of the range of complex social, political and reputation risks associated with tough, high-profile projects. And we work with senior executives and their teams to come up with creative and pragmatic solutions to address them.


Major investments represent major opportunities for those who finance, build and operate them. 

But with these opportunities come risks. Some of the hardest to mitigate relate to the people affected by them - those who work on them, regulate them, fund them, secure them, live near them or who have a stake in their wider political, social and environmental impact.

Manage these risks well, and an enduring foundation of trust is built. Manage them badly and schedules are impacted, reputations damaged and value eroded. 

Audire Consultants offers strategic insight and pragmatic solutions to companies confronting these ‘non-technical’ issues and risks, based on its consultants’ successful track-record with some of the world’s biggest infrastructure projects in the world’s most challenging countries.